TimeMachine Backup failed with error 11: 11

Hey hey, it's time to battle an annoying TimeMachine problem. A short foreword I'm running a FreeBSD solution with netatalk and avahi but suddenly it stops with the above message: Backup failed with error 11: 11. It's recommending to repair the backup drive but well there's no hardware error. So I…

1 min read

Flutter & i18n in a nutshell

During my first steps in develop some Flutter apps I came across - as always - the requirement for adding internationalization. In Flutter it's a three steps way to go to have i18n in your widgets. First of all you have to create a class to present your strings to the widget, then you have to run a…

2 min read

D3 and react

I know, there are various posts about how to integrate D3 into react components like this or this. If you try it naively you'll face the problem of having a new diagram for each state change and that's a bit odd. Otherwise the showed solutions in above mentioned posts will require much more time to…

2 min read

JavaScript time passed string from date

Want to have time strings like "n seconds ago" or "m months ago"? Here's a short script. export function friendlyTimePassed(targetDate) { let timeDifferenceMilliseconds = new Date().getTime()-targetDate.getTime(); const ms = 1000; const min = 60 * ms; const hrs = 60 * min; const…

1 min read

React Native Asset Sizes in Android and iOS

Gosh ... everytime I need an asset during conversion of my Android App into react native I have to google for the appropriate size in Android to cover the pixel densities in any device I want to support. This has now an end ... more for me than for others take this: Android resolution iOS mdpi (Bas…

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clear cache

React Native clear cache

Often it has been posted in different places but everybody is using different techniques and so am I. Therefore, here's my snippet of clearing the "React Native" cache which is basically a drop of all temp dir's combined with a npm cache clear. This is working on my MBP with MacOS Mojave. PS: I fac…

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