Magento 2.4. unique url_key

While switching from Shopware 6 to Magento 2.4 I had to create some article which basically are not variants but had the same name.  The standard configuration of Magento 2.4 will create an url_key based on the name (and category if you want to and store id ...) but you easily see that if we have tw…

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Shopware 6 own theme changes not visible

Well yes ... I switched from Prestashop to Shopware6 because it was more convenient to my brother in law :). However I have a few changes which I want to manage in my own theme. The doc  (  and…

1 min read

Prestashop and 404 on frontpage

Currently I'm supporting my brother-in-law in hosting a shop. As one of three possible open source solutions I've decided to test Prestashop. The "installation" itself - besides the fact that it'll only use docker for dev purposes (as far as I know) - was relatively easy but it has come to the point…

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Kubernetes Calico Debian 10 " connection refused"

Well well well here we go again. Just tried to bring my server infrastructure to some new stuff and startet to install K8s by hand. Everything went fine until I tried to install the network fabric in K8s. First I chosed Flannel but always got the error " connection refused" in the logs…

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JDK14 Flutter Gradle "Could not initialize class"

On my way creating my own solution regarding doorbells, homeautomation, SIP and stuff I stumbled onto a problem because "Could not initialize class org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.InvokerHelper" The answer: The Flutter Android project is initializing the Gradle settings with version 5.6.2 and…

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Covid Hessen telegram bot

Hey hey, during this strange times I thought minutes and hours about how to code something useful. Well it ends up in a small bot which is scraping the official Covid infection number page of Hessen and post the result to every person who chats with the bot. He's called the "CovidHessenBot". It's a…

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HapSee Mate IPC "hack"

So, one of my small-inbetween-projects was to "hack" a 20€ IP camera which I bought on eBay. However it was not that easy as I destroyed the first UART connector by just wiring it wrongly ;). At least I've managed to create some kind of custom firmware which starts a sshd, a ftpd and disabled some,…

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TFTPBoot & Windows 10

Yep, I played around with some china ip cameras and wanted to "customize" them. Sadly I broke an image in the flash so I had to sideload the backup - which I've luckily created beforehand - back to the device. I've searched for a solution to it using Windows and found two tools worked together. The…

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Nextcloud 17 docker and nginx reverse proxy

sigh sometimes I hate this adminstration stuff but it was necessary as I'm migrating stuff to containerd version. This time I choosed to spend my time in migrating my existing nextcloud installation to the docker version (and upgrading during this process (everytime a great idea)). However I ended u…

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Flutter handle ListView overflow in Column

Everytime I run into this ... literally everytime: ListView in a Column and the resulting overflows (ok, to be honest, there's some not underestimating time between the usages ;)). "A RenderFlex overflowed by xxx pixels on the bottom" looks familiar? Ok solution is sometimes really simple: Just wrap…

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