Shopware 6 own theme changes not visible

Well yes ... I switched from Prestashop to Shopware6 because it was more convenient to my brother in law :). However I have a few changes which I want to manage in my own theme. The doc  (  and is pretty straight forward BUT when you create a theme i.e. myowntheme, the folder structure the script will create seems to begin with an upper case letter thus Myowntheme. There is a configuring files in your themes plugin folder called theme.json and in it some references like @Storefront or (and this is the problem) @myowntheme. Every follower will notice that the folder structure is beginning with an upper case letter and the reference ... not. This will result in a never changing frontend although you would expect changes. Tl;dr: just check your theme.json and change @myowntheme to Myowntheme and it'll work like a charm :).