htmx hx-beforeSwap and hx-target

Ok, while experimenting with htmx I've come across a problem regaring the triggered events. My setup is that I have a select element which fetches data and should put the data to another element (hx-target). Furthermore I wanted to manipulate the response from the server before showing on the page.…

1 min read

Ebay REST API and error 25007 when publishing

THIS(!!!11) took me hours of figering out (maybe it's written somewhere in the docs and I've read over it). So, the API itself is pretty straight forward: create an inventory item, create an offer based on that item and finally publish the offer. To specify the terms of the offer you're asked to set…

1 min read

Windows 11 focus stealing problems

Usually I'm using the hibernation mode of Windows because I'm just too lazy and annoyed to open up every tool I'm usually using like Terminal windows, IntelliJ, BattleNet, Steam, Signal, Discord etc.pp.. Sadly since some time I was facing a problem after wake which manifasted in periodic focus steal…

1 min read

Docker php fpm for Magento 2.4 (php 7.4)

For a customer I needed to have a quick test env on my machine, so I just took the dump and the code of the server and spun up some docker container like a nginx, a mysql db, an elasticsearch instance and a php fpm container. The problem here was the missing dependencies for some stuff Magento 2.4.…

1 min read

FHEM MQTT2 Shelly 2.5 shutter template

Just to make this easily copy & pasteable for me and possible others. here my template to connect my Shelly 2.5 for shutters to my FHEM via MQTT2 :). Just edit the MQTT path "shellies/gaestezimmer/rollo" and change the decive name "RolloGaestezimmer" and your good to go (don't forget to add your ale…

2 min read

Gradle Kotlin Spring Boot BootJar mainClassName

What a header but to have it short: When you have problems with your generated bootjar using Gradle and Kotlin in combination with Spring Boot like the jar could not find any main class although you've already defined it when running the generated or things like that, then the solution is mostly pre…

1 min read

Magento 2.4. unique url_key

While switching from Shopware 6 to Magento 2.4 I had to create some article which basically are not variants but had the same name.  The standard configuration of Magento 2.4 will create an url_key based on the name (and category if you want to and store id ...) but you easily see that if we have tw…

1 min read

Shopware 6 own theme changes not visible

Well yes ... I switched from Prestashop to Shopware6 because it was more convenient to my brother in law :). However I have a few changes which I want to manage in my own theme. The doc  ( and…

1 min read

Prestashop and 404 on frontpage

Currently I'm supporting my brother-in-law in hosting a shop. As one of three possible open source solutions I've decided to test Prestashop. The "installation" itself - besides the fact that it'll only use docker for dev purposes (as far as I know) - was relatively easy but it has come to the point…

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